Traditional Brokerage christian_realtor_sequim

My Experience with Traditional Brokers »

I’ve worked for several real estate brokers since I got started in the mid-1970s.  When I started in Fairbanks, Alaska I worked for an independent broker who gave me 50%…

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1269840932_Tyler Durden

Traditional Brokers Quitting »

The National Association of Realtors recently announced they lost more than 100,000 members since 2006.  I believe that number only represents the tip of the iceberg.  Here’s why.  For every…

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Internet Marketing

Is Internet Marketing Effective »


The Internet is unquestionably the most powerful tool for buying and selling real estate today.  Traditional advertising has long since…

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Buyers Using Powerful Internet Resouces »


Buyers of real estate today are taking their searches and their methods to entirely new levels, thanks to the Internet.…

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From Newspapers to the Internet »


Print newspapers are losing readers to the Internet, and there is a ongoing debate about how many years newspapers can…

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Newspaper Advertising Dead »


The trend has been here for many years, but newspapers haven’t wanted to face it, and now many newspapers find…

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Future Buyer's Agent

Is Now the Time to Buy Real Estate? »


I’ve represented many retirees from California and around the country recently, and the number one question among retirees has been, “Is now the time to buy a home, or should we wait?” The question is understandable. The housing market is still in disarray around the…

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Buyers Want to Find You on the Internet »


The entire real estate industry is in the midst of a dramatic change.  Old ways of doing business are fading and new methods are gaining momentum.  The big winners are consumers.  For the first time in the real estate industry consumers are taking control, and…

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iRealty Virtual Brokers

Who is iRealty Virtual Brokers? »

iRealty Logo

iRealty Virtual Brokers is a real estate brokerage like no other. Intentionally. iRealty was created with an entirely new approach to real estate brokerage. We…

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Money sequim_real_estate_commissions

Making Serious Money

How many ways have you tried to make money?  I mean serious money.  You’re in real estate sales, and you’re probably darn good at what you do.  We know life isn’t all about money, but money…

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Virtual Agent agent

Become a Virtual Agent

If you are like me and want the freedom and the tools to build your real estate business using cutting edge Internet tools and extraordinary support from experts, then I recommend you check out iRealty Virtual…

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Virtual Testimony christian_realtor_sequim

My Experience with Traditional Brokers

I’ve worked for several real estate brokers since I got started in the mid-1970s.  When I started in Fairbanks, Alaska I worked for an independent broker who gave me 50% of my commissions.   I got a…

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How to Join iRealty iRealty Virtual

How to Join iRealty Virtual Brokers

Joining iRealty Virtual Brokers is not hard, and we make the transition as smooth as possible for you.  First, you must be persuaded yourself that this is the right move for you.  Here are some questions…

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